About Us

What We are: Curated Connect

Nutrify India is a platform that enables business in the field of responsible nutrition by way of:
  1. Match Making: Connecting Innovators to companies with larger market access
  2. By assisting industry in building a robust responsible nutrition portfolio pipeline.
  3. Ecosystem networking with support industry like A.I., Devices, Cold storage supply chains.
  4. Connecting to investor community
  5. Connecting to government investment and market access programs
Gone are the days when innovation was a linear flow. With emergence of technologies and information access, the innovations have taken shape into Science- or Technology-Driven Innovation, Market-Driven Innovation, Incremental Innovation. Most of the innovations are now happening in start-ups, small companies, academia and are limited by exposure to larger market access. On other hand the larger companies face the challenge of growth and product pipeline robustness gap. This is where there is a need of curated match making for enabling business. Nutrify India tries to help these innovators connect with companies with larger market access or investors wanting to invest directly for commercialization from innovator.
Business empowerment in nutrify India goes beyond Curated Match Making. Nutrify India encourages convergence of technologies to bring in robustness to industry and bring convenience to end user. Nutrify India actively engages with Biotech, medical devices and AI start ups to deliver effective health outcomes from nutraceuticals. It is the convergence that is driving lab proteins, nutrigenomics, precision nutrition delivery on demand.
Nutrify India actively engages with investors community and government branches related to commerce and investment to enable innovations getting commercialized.

How we do it

Nutrify India organizes theme focussed workshops between large players, start-ups, investors and regulators. The workshop creates right environment and opportunities for business to actuate. The past workshops have resulted in business networking and actuation of business between innovators and market access leaders. Nutrify India also promotes annual conference and multiple webinars to keep the connect with stake holders active and engaged. Nutrify India takes up project management assignment for product portfolio development and converges the vast expertise of innovators and manufacturers in delivering world class innovative products for its members. Additionally it works with academia in driving nutraceutical innovation programs to help build ecosystem capacity.

Why we do it?

Nutrify India is an initiative to empower responsible nutrition business and Shape the growth of the Indian Nutritional Industry.

Responsible Nutrition:

Indian Economy is pegged at USD10 trillion by 2030. With quadrupling of growth, Is Indian population geared up to take on the aggressive journey?

India has evolved to be a nation where majority of deaths are caused by disproportionate nutrition and not accidents or other communicable diseases. 640 million people in India are calorific sufficient but malnourished, while 360 million are completely malnourished, while 150 million are over nourished and its slightly over 10 million which is highly health conscious and practices healthy living and consumes supplements and various nutritionals.

Indian population face two different nutritional needs

One segment needs nutritional, lifestyle correction and supplementation to balance their nutritional status. The other segment needs elemental nutritionals to cover their basic nutritional needs. With growing awareness in Indian consumers on preventive health, national programs like Fit India, poshan abhiyan, Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), National Health Mission (NHM) etc; there is a collectively fuelling of Indian Nutritionals industry valued at USD 8 billion to an annual growth of over 10%. The rapid growth potentially opens loopholes of ineffective nutritionals (ingredients or formulations) entering the market leading to sub-health outcomes that affects consumers and healthcare practitioner’s trust quotient on the nutritional science. There is a need for converging collective wisdom of researchers, medical KOLs, Manufacturers, Marketeers, start-ups, regulators interdisciplinary science experts with interests in nutrition and servicing industry to evolve effective business pathways that leads to growth of Responsible Nutrition that delivers health outcome driven ingredients / formulations, and regulated consumer communication.

Shaping Indian Nutraceutical Industry

At Nutrify India, we believe that the start ups and innovators add up to good mix of products that can reach market at shortest period of time by partners with larger market access companies or else through investments to enable direct go-to market. The evolution of innovators and start ups not only bring in diversity in innovation mix, but helps build envisioned economy of USD 10 trillion by 2030. Preventive health will continue to grow as India’s middle income and high income households will drive nearly US$ 4 trillion of the country’s incremental consumption by 2030. what is needed is enabling nutraceuticals start ups to build on as successful organization delivering responsible nutrition. The startups growth would bring in additional revenues, investment, employment while they build on their innovation in responsible nutrition.

Helping foreign nutraceuticals players leverage the market access and its innovation ecosystem: The nutraceuticals enabled food processing is one category that India needs to pick up pace. India allows 100% ownership of foreign entities entering India and companies wanting to build category of nutraceutical foods opens great opportunity to be tapped. Nutrify India shall support, connect and assist in business enablement for foreign companies bringing in responsible nutrition solutions.


To be a valued wealth generator by empowering commercialization of atleast 3 innovations in nutraceuticals every year through start ups, or innovators with clear road map of USD 15 million in three years. Nutrify India through its nutraceutical innovations commercialization efforts should have atleast added USD 142million to the economy by 2023.  


We will strive to address needs of innovators and industry to match expectation of theirs, our vision, the market and stake holders in a style that walks the talk. The genesis of our values are built around the promise to assist innovators/start ups through a process to develop a quality product that has a price serving an ecosystem including the market.