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Nutrify India is a membership driven program for nutritional industry. Membership enables Nutrify India to serve them better and also enable business for them while creating higher network base for them. Membership works best for :

Large market access nutritional companies seeking to build innovative products to boost up its product portfolio pipeline. They are able to access network as well as take help of Nutrify India to project manage their need by integrating right resource mix.

Distributors: Distribution is evolving into white labelling. As distributors exercise their network strength they also become responsible for quality nutritionals being supplied and this requires in- depth expertise in mapping right quality products and right resources.

Small to medium contract manufacturers: Often smaller players come up with innovation that gets un-noticed in the market place leading to a loss of opportunity for large market access companies as well as to the innovators. Nutrify India carefully maps all resources on their strengths and matches to the need of market access companies.

In addition to this, members get to learn the consumer insights as Nutrify India conducts various programs with consumers and creates a learning matrix that can be used by industry to serve.

Start-ups: commercialize products faster.

Investors: Faster tapping into potential opportunities. Nutrify India can also work with investors in identifying right opportunity for the kind of fund available.

Government programs and benefits: Ease of accessing the members and vice versa.   

Nutrify India is constantly working with international partners and governments to enable its members leverage these opportunities for larger growth.

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